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New Multi functional Mug Press (JTSB06-7)

New Multi functional Mug Press (JTSB06-7)
New Multi functional Mug Press (JTSB06-7)
  • Stock: 20
  • Model: JTSB06-7
  • Weight: 26.00lb
  • Dimensions: 16.00in x 15.00in x 15.00in
  • UPC: 658860182086

Easy Multifunctional Mug Tumbler Heat Press Machine 7 in 1

Item No.: JTSB06-7

Power: 320W

Voltage: 220V & 110V, Different Plugs

Temp. System: Celsius & Fahrenheit

Temp Range: 0-420°F; 0-200°C

Time Range: 0-800 Seconds

Heater Item No.:

JTPJB9—1.5oz Shot Glass Heater

JTPJB10—3oz Mini Mug Heater

JTPJB4—6-10oz Mug Heater

JTPJB3—11-15oz Mug Heater

JTPJB5—12oz latte Mug Heater

JTPJB6—17oz latte Mug Heater

PJB225H—225mm Tumbler Heater

3 Month Warranty on the Digital Control Box

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