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26 Oct How can I expand my sublimation business in 2023?
michael 0 167
If you’re like most sublimation and personalization businesses, you worked ahead of schedule and overtime to get those Christmas and New Year’s orders in. You also provide gifts for Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, and other major holidays.Everyo..
26 Oct 5 Sublimation Tips for 2022
michael 0 213
Ring in the new year with these sublimation tips to get you started off rightThe sublimation industry has changed in the last 29 years — it went from calling the process dye sublimation to sublimation. We had two mugs in the industry — 11 oz. and 15 ..
26 Oct Why Sublimation Makes Sense for Any Print and Customization Business
michael 0 136
Sublimation is a printing industry that has evolved over the last 30 years, starting as a ribbon printer and moving to a liquid, inkjet printer — initially designed for the photo gift industry for items like mugs, shirts, posters, and even magazine c..
24 Oct Expand Your Sublimation Horizons with Jewelry
michael 0 118
Michael Kaminsky of Sublimation101 has a few ideas up his sleeve...Zinc alloy aluminum insert jewelry is gaining popularity from necklaces to bracelets, to earrings and more. Over the years, the options have expanded to even bolo ties and double hear..
07 Oct What’s newly trending in the sublimation market?
michael 0 142
PU (polyurethane) synthetic leather or eel skin wallets and pocketbooks are taking off in the sublimation industry. They appeal to high-end markets because they have a better perceived value; but what makes these products truly unique is that the fro..
26 Sep What are some sublimatable promotional items?
michael 0 119
Promotional items I recommend to retailers are: mugs, keychains, mousepads, and any item that can cater to your clients’ business needs. To give an example, if you’re selling to a pizza shop, you can suggest T-shirts, keychains, aprons, or mousepads ..
14 Sep Tips and Steps for Sublimating Metal
michael 0 143
As technology has advanced, so has the quality of the coating with sublimation metals. The process is fast and easy: print, press, peel, and profit. Many sublimatable metal blanks now come with UV protectant and outdoor qualities, so you aren’t just ..
08 Aug Are there any “tricks” to be successful with sublimation?
michael 0 375
There are many tips in the industry that you can see on many social media pages, YouTube channels, and more; however, there are no true “tricks.” The main pointer I can leave you with is to keep a journal of the times on products you use for success,..
08 Jun Sublimation Niche Markets: Theater
michael 0 116
The theater world is full of profit potential when it comes to sublimation. Recently, I attended a Broadway production of Beetlejuice, and after the show, we presented members of the cast with sublimated wallets. We presented them packaged with our b..
14 Apr Top Tips for Selling Sublimatable Drinkware
michael 0 123
What to think about when offering personalized drinkware to customers. The hottest trend right now in drinkware is the double-wall tumbler. Everyone wants theirs personalized. The design trends right now include monograms and business logos. These pr..
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