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Teardrop Earring (EH02) G-4

Teardrop Earring (EH02)   G-4
Teardrop Earring (EH02)   G-4
Teardrop Earring (EH02)   G-4
Teardrop Earring (EH02)   G-4
Teardrop Earring (EH02) G-4
  • Stock: 116
  • Model: EH02
  • Weight: 0.03lb
  • Dimensions: 14.96in x 8.66in x 5.91in
  • UPC: 658860082829

Make a statement with these unique and customizable zinc aluminum sublimation earrings! Each pair features a zinc alloy frame and a gloss white Imprintable surface in the elegant teardrop shape. 

Product Info

  • Zinc Aluminum alloy
  • Includes:  premium metal insert with adhesive attachment 
  • Gloss white sublimation surface
  • For sublimation

Printing Instructions

For use in a flat press:

  • Check for protective plastic film before pressing
  • Print image in reverse
  • Temperature: 400 F
  • Time: 30 seconds 
  • Pressure: Medium
  • Press face-up
  • Remove paper immediately 

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