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Black 3XL Faux Bleach Sublimation Shirt

 Black 3XL Faux Bleach Sublimation Shirt
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Black 3XL Faux Bleach Sublimation Shirt
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  • Model: FB-BK3XL
  • Weight: 1.00lb
  • UPC: 658860446331

The perfect faux bleach shirt is here!  No need to do extra work.  Print, press, peel and profit!

95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Easy to work with, NO FUSS, NO MESSS, NO BLEACH
Creates Beautiful Bright Colors with Clarity
Unisex sizing

These amazing polyester sublimation t-shirts are the perfect shirt that will make your business succeed.  Faux bleach does not use any bleach in manufacturing; it comes this way from the factory. 

95% Polyester 5% Spandex 210gsm

Requires:  Heat press (see ours for recommendations)
Sublimation Paper and Print

Time Temperature:
30s, 400F  Medium pressure.

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