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Black Metal Garden Stake Tile Frame For (4) 4 1/4" Tile E-1
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Black Metal Garden Stake Tile Frame For (4) 4 1/4" TileTILES ARE SOLD SEPARATE..
$13.99 $19.99
Material: Ceramic MaterialCeramic Car Mug CoasterDimension: 380*180*140mm..
Product DescriptionColor: AlderwoodOutside Dimensions: Approx. 6" H x 6" WDepth: 2 7/8"Inside Tile Dimensions: 4 3/8"Lip Depth: 1/4"Tile Size: One 4 1/4" TileTile not included!This Alderwood Napkin Holder has space for one 4 1/4" on one side and wooden dowels on the oth..
Metal House Number Hangers  for (5) 4 ¼" tiles E-1
New -30 %
Product DescriptionColor: Black MetalOutside Dimensions: 27" W x 9" HTile Lip: 3/16"Tile Size: (5) 4 1/4" TilesTiles not included!The Black iron house number hangers for (5) 4 ¼” tiles can be used indoors or out.  It is perfect for displaying your tile artwork simp..
$13.99 $19.99
Metal Tile Frame with Coat Hook for 6"  (IRONF03) E-1
New -30 %
REQUIRE 6'' TILEWe provide the classical iron photo frame in a fashionable way, either to hold a piece of sublimated ceramic tile, or direct printed photo paper.These photo frames are wonderful choices for decoration at home, or in public places such as a hotel, restaurant or etc.Product Info• hold ..
$6.30 $8.99
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