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Brand: Insta Graphic
Insta 158 Heat Press Machine – Ideal for Heat Transfer Application & Digital Direct-to-Garment PrintingThe Insta 158 Digital Auto Release Digi-Press® offers one of the major benefits of an automatic machine – the auto-open feature – with the lightweight, ergonomic design of a manual clamshell he..
Brand: Insta Graphic
Insta 201SKU: MS201Insta 201 Heat Press Machine – Compact Swing-AwayWith its 13″x13″ platens and compact frame, the Insta 201 is the perfect small format machine for use in the home, craft, schools and hobby industries. Its swing-away design makes the Insta 201 an extremely user-friendly machin..
Brand: Insta Graphic
SKU: MS288Insta 288 Heat Press Machine – Sublimation & BeyondThe Insta 288 Swing Away heat press machine is Insta's largest manual machine sporting oversized 20”x25” platens for ease of use with larger substrates and transfers. It doubles perfectly as a sublimation heat press machine with t..
Brand: Insta Graphic
The Insta 718 Automatic Swing Away heat press machine is, with its 15”x15” platens, the smallest of Insta's full-sized automatic presses. The Insta 718 works as hard as you do and has long been considered the most durable and reliable, built-to-last automatic heat press machine on the market. This p..
Brand: Insta Graphic
Insta 907 Heat Press Machine – Dual Station ShuttleInsta answered the industry’s request for high-speed label application with the Insta 907 Dual Station Shuttle Press. This pneumatic heat press machine is air-operated to prevent operator fatigue and is equipped with two independent lower platens, w..
Brand: Insta Graphic
Insta 909 Heat Press Machine – For the Application of Labels & LogosBuilt with the superior craftsmanship Insta is known for, the Insta 909 Digital Single Station heat press machine has been specifically designed for the rapidly growing heat transfer label industry. This automatic digital heat p..
Brand: Insta Graphic
Insta 256 Heat Press Machine – Swing-Away Design and Quick-Change™ Features Offer Flexibility in PrintingThe award-winning Model 256 Manual Swing-Away heat press machine with 16”x20” platens swings almost a full 180° to the right – providing you with unobstructed access to the lower platen while you..
Brand: Insta Graphic
Insta 728 Heat Press Machine – The Answer to Your Increasing Production DemandsThe Insta 728 is an Automatic Swingaway heat press with a 15”x20” platen. This machine is a work-horse and world renown for one of the most reliable, durable and consistent heat presses in the industry. Since it is a pneu..
Brand: Insta Graphic
Insta 828 (240 V)SKU: MS828The Insta 828 Automatic Swing Away heat press machine is, with its 20”x25” platen, Insta's largest automatic swingaway. The Insta 828 is frequently used in the sublimation market with its oversized platen and ability to generate even temperature and pressure – which a..
Insta 418SKU: MS418  Insta 418Insta 418 Heat Press Machine – Curved Platens Make Printing on Hats a BreezeThe Insta 418 Digital Cap Heat Press is a terrific multi-purpose heat press. Its curved platens are perfectly molded to mirror the curves of a hat and are designed to apply heat t..
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