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SUBLIMATION101, we began our venture into the dye-sublimation/heat transfer industry on 1994, as a "Manufacture of Computer Portraits System Era” (your face on a famous stars body, magazine covers etc.) We were trained on a sole mission of offering supplies and equipment for the “Print for Pay” industry; actually it was more entertainment era, of photo gifts being done instantly. As the millennium approached we set into "Quick Print" - “Embroidery” -Photo Gift”-“Ad Specialty Market”. Our base of customers included many business franchises, fair and festival vendors, party event planners and print shops. 

We will supply a full line of printers, papers, presses and products-giving you and your business the final “P: PROFIT! Since our inception in 1994 we have continually endeavored to provide the best possible transfer products in the industry.

As the “Heat Transfer Sublimation” market made significant adjustments in the late 1990's, we got involved had to make similar changes in technology of heat transfers/sublimation. We started as ribbon dye-sublimation printers know evolving into liquid ink sublimation printing.

The education we received along the way has been extraordinary. Working directly with, manufactures, importers, technical departments was an experience, with beta testing and so much more we just knew the industry was going to EVOLVE!

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve our friends and clients and hope that each of you will feel that you have been treated fairly in your experiences with SUBLIMATION101.


SUBLIMATION101 is an exciting venture between Far East and USA manufacturers and gift and homeware designers/manufacturers specializing in sublimation merchandising.



We create leading sublimation101 products for the ad specialty, promotional and photo gift market that can be personalized in multiple ways – specializing in sublimation printing.  We believe that the unprecedented growth in sublimation custom printing needs more sublimation and better quality substrates for sublimation printing than what is currently available.  That is our mission.



Through our selected sublimation network of global manufacturers, the economies of sublimation scale ensure that prices remain incredibly attractive at both wholesale and retail level.



We test every sublimation process extensively and design products with ease of production in mind, aiming for a product to be made in minutes.  We are obsessed with quality sublimation of color so you will only ever see the highest quality transfers on any material whether sublimation metal, sublimation fabric, sublimation wood or sublimation paper.



We expect the highest standards for our customers and pledge a reliable and honest service that will ensure your sublimation business grows effortlessly.


Since 1994 we have been dedicated to the evolution of the heat transfer-sublimation world; supplying blanks, materials, equipment, support and training.

As times and technologies have changed SUBLIMATION101 has continued to change with it. Within the last 5 years the sublimation space has grown significantly. The technology has become less expensive, and the hobby, small business and large scale production sector has seen a boom in sales from their customer base.

With over 25 years of experience, SUBLIMATION101 is poised and equipped to handle your businesses needs as it grows with plenty of stock, expertise and product knowledge.


For over two decades, the names Michael Kaminsky and Martha Ray has been synonymous with images on Ceramic Photo Mugs, Photo T-shirts, FRP Plastics, aluminum and much, much more. SUBLIMATION101 is an international company whose mission is to help entrepreneurial minded people step out with our simple, easy to learn equipment and support to succeed in the industry.

Personalized gifts that a short time ago could only be produced by complicated, highly technical, very expensive equipment, can now be created simply, easily, and inexpensively... almost anywhere at all. You could have the ability to make one or more attractive, personalized products right now due to the technology of printing sublimation today, the systems are more complex and integrated, giving the tools you need to succeed such as software, technical support and how to videos.

You can call upon Sublimation101 to add easy-to-use equipment and accessories and provide unique hard-to-find supplies that will have you producing: Ad- Specialty-Phot Gift and Fund Raiser items instantly... and much, much more. This skillfully engineered, rugged equipment can be used to earn extra income from various locations... from a cart in a shopping mall... or at home on your kitchen table... there are no limits.

Whether you are a large or small business owner or a home user, let SUBLIMATION101 show you how to make this advancement easy and comfortable for you.


Our corporate headquarters is located in beautiful Branchburg, NJ a borough of Somerset County, NJ. We have over 25,000 square foot of sublimation bliss. We have a full training facility and showroom located in our buildings 1st level, which was designed for our for you our end finishers’ success. The training center is equipped with sublimation printers, heat presses, mug presses and more each room is equipped to accommodate up to 12 people at one time with 55’ monitors on the wall for easy viewing of the instructors class for full training or a simple one on one personal training, you are surrounded by walls displayed with beautiful finished sublimation products.

Our 2nd floor the heart of SUBLIMATION101 our office are which entails, customer call in, technical support center and assuring your orders are processed and tracked accordingly and our product quality control meets all USA standards we also have our meeting here to discuss new product discussion company updates and more! We take pride in our warehouse, the cleanliness and organization upon receiving your order, it will be processed and shipped the same day to our resources of all aisles being labeled and product coded for easy and accurate order processing and packing as well as our integrated system with our carriers upon your order being processed and scanned at our location, you will immediately receive an email from the carrier with your tracking information and date of arrival.

We welcome and encourage you to visit our facility for one of our events or just to say hello and have a cup of coffee! Thank you


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